Bass Lake Photo Club, Photography Contest and Exhibition


  • The contest is open to all paid members of the Bass Lake Photo Club, with the 45 winning photos being displayed for the entire month of September at the Holly Springs Cultural Center.
  • The top 5 photographs will appear on the exhibit announcement postcards and other printed material and advertisements for Bass Lake Photo Club, with the maker’s credentials. (Facebook, Website, business cards, brochure, etc.)
  • The top 10 photographs will be displayed in the lobby at the Holly Springs Cultural Center, with the remaining 35 images positioned in the hallways.
  • This year the contest will be judged by 3-5 experienced professional judges.

Contest Timelines

  • Submissions for contest accepted
    • Sunday, July 9th – midnight Sunday, July 23, 2017
  • Judging
    • Tuesday, July 25th through Saturday, July 29th
  • Winning images
    • Winners will be notified by email by July 31th
    • Winning images will be publicly announced at the Club meeting on August 8,, 2017
  • Picture Hanging
    • Friday, September 1st, Noon – 4:00 pm or 6:00 – 8:00 pm
    • Take down, Saturday September 30th.
  • Exhibit
    • Images will be on display throughout the month of September.
    • Reception on a date to be determined in September, 6:00-8:00PM.

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Photo Submission and Rules

  • Maximum of 8 images per member.
  • Previous years’ submitted photos are ineligible for submission.
  • Photos must have been taken by the member.
  • Photoshop or other editing is allowed only for tuning and correction (light, contrast, color saturation, filters), cropping, resizing, borders, but not composition (i.e. copy/paste of photo elements). This a photography contest, not a Photoshop contest. We have no way to enforce this, so use the honor system. Obviously doctored photos will be dismissed.
  • Each image must have an actual title that relates to the image (Not, DSC_00256).
  • All submissions must be family friendly, as the winning images are displayed at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. Images deemed not “family friendly” (e.g. not appropriate for all audiences) are subject to disqualification at the discretion of the BLPC Board.
  • Entries should be anonymous (e.g. no signature or watermark or metadata)
  • Size:  each image may have a maximum size of 5MB in compressed JPG (no RAW files allowed). Note: Images may be reduced to a maximum of 2048 pixels on the longest dimension before submitting to judges. And, no smaller than 1000 pixels.  Resolution should be between 200-300 pixels per inch.  As an example, a 5×7 at 250dpi (or 1750 x 1250 pixels wide).  
  • Email your photos by midnight Sunday, July 23rd (no exceptions will be made for late entries) to
  • Entrants have the responsibility of printing, matting (optional), and mounting or framing their winning images for display in the exhibit.

How the 45 Display Photographs will be selected

The judging criteria used by the judges are based on the 12 Elements:  Impact, Technical Excellence, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique and Story Telling.  Photos will be scored on a scale of 7.0-9.0 (in increments of tenths) and averaged among all judges.

Selection will be made in the following order:

  1. The top 10 scored photographs will be displayed in the lobby at the Holly Springs Cultural Center.
  2. Each entrant will then have their top-scoring photo selected for display.
  3. The remaining available spaces will be filled based on ranked final scores.

By entering the competition, you are agreeing to all rules and selection process. 

Framing Photos for Display

  • Maximum exterior frame/mount size is 20in x 24in; Minimum is 11in x 14in.
  • All frames must have single wire strand for wall hanging (clips are not allowed)
  • Framed photos can be collected at the August meeting and stored until they can be hung at the Cultural Center or delivered to the Cultural Center on Friday September 1st.
  • Bass Lake Photo Club Cards will be put on each hanging print with the name of the photographer and title of the image

Exhibit Information

  • Volunteers will be needed to hang the photos on September 1st, and to remove them at the end of the show, Friday, September 30th.
  • There is an exhibit reception on a date to be determined, and Members are encouraged to attend along with family, friends, colleagues, and all interested parties. Please bring a snack to share with the attendees.

Questions or additional information, please contact:

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