March 2017 Meeting Information

March 14, 2017 7:00- 9:00

Bass Lake Park
900 Bass Lake Rd, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540

Fran DeRespinis will be discussing the basics of IR(infrared) Photography.
“Infrared, or “IR” photography, offers photographers of all abilities and budgets the opportunity to explore a new world – the world of the unseen. Why “unseen”? Because our eyes literally cannot see IR light, as it lies just beyond what is classified as the “visible” spectrum – that which human eyesight can detect. When we take photographs using infrared-equipped film or cameras, we are exposed to the world that can often look very different from that we are accustomed to seeing. Colors, textures, leaves and plants, human skin, and all other manner of objects can reflect IR light in unique and interesting ways, ones that cannot be mimicked with tools such as Photoshop (yes – there are limits to what Photoshop can do!). Like any form of photography or art however, it is a matter of taste. I would strongly urge people to explore the world of IR. As the number of cameras-equipped devices proliferates and the associated technologies improve, IR photography may offer the opportunity for photographers to expand into new arenas and differentiate their offerings from those of others.” Photography Life September 20, 2014 By Bob Vishneski

Refreshments will be served

BRING: We will show these before the presentation
Flash drives for show and tell
January “Brrr”
February “Sunsets”

March “Emotion”

Digital JPEG’s with a horizontal dimension of 1280 pixels and/or vertical dimension of 1024 pixels, sRGB color space  Filenames should include the the photographer’s first and last names, for example: “First Lastname.jpg”.